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Thinking the Way Forward

Adeht Brokerage and Freight Logistics aims to aid the transportation industry by providing unconventional services that cater to both carriers and suppliers. Unlike our competitors, we make transportation feasible for all our consumers. No crafty schemes or empty promises, Adeht Brokerage and Freight Logistics is “Thinking the Way Forward” with straightforward business concepts. We specialize in business alliance and practical movement of goods and supplies. Simple.

Our Mission

Building Partnerships

Adeht Brokerage and Freight Logistics is dedicated to understanding consumer demands while creating reliable partnerships to establish and maintain the highest level of quality service. We are committed to providing exceptional transportation logistics in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Key Features

Dedicated Support Team

Profitable Freights

Fast and Reliable Payment Options

Strict Carrier Safety Standards

Our History

Let’s Work Together

Adeht Brokerage and Freight Logistics (AdehtBFL) was established in 2021 by a team of consultants hired to evaluate the efficacy of transportation services in the Midwest. After evaluating the outcomes of a series of assessments, the need for improved relationships between carriers and shippers was irrefutable. The results revealed impartial favor to either carriers or shippers creating a divide between parties that inadvertently impacted the growth of the transportation industry; thus, birthing Adeht Brokerage and Freight Logistics. AdehtBFL is managed by seasoned professionals with years of experience in consulting, logistics, and contractual management located in Chicago, Illinois. Despite transitioning from transportation analysis to brokerage services, we are certain the knowledge, skills, and abilities of this team transcends all scopes of business.

Our Objectives and Services

  • Identify the most reliable and reputable carriers
  • Ensure the safety of shipments by ensuring that carriers have essential liability coverage and above satisfactory safety ratings
  • Serve as a liaison between shippers and carriers to build an open and clear line of communication and positive partnership experience.

24/7 On Call Support

The supply chain never sleeps. Neither do we.

Back Office

You’ve got a vital job to do. We’ll handle the administrative details.

Real Time Loads Availability

If you’re ready to roll, so are we.


We’ll handle the details with clients.


Phone: (773)220-6454
Fax: (872)228-8028

Address: 1440 W. Taylor St. 1748
Chicago, Il 60607